New Technology offers fat reducing potential for MacBook users. This new fitness inspired campaign out of Illinois in partnership with Gadget Flow may finally solve the problem… The campaign has exceeded its $30k flexible funding goal by more than $220k. Medical institutions, including the University of Illinois, have put it to the test…

HOVR for MacBook is Certified and Tested

The new device, HOVR, is certified Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. That is a leader in sustainable weight loss and health… The University of Illinois found out that HOVR burns more calories than any other device. That means you don’t need to feel guilty spending multiple hours on your Laptop instead of getting your bottom into the gym. Apple fans may also find HOVR a great compliment to the new MacBook Pro.

Benefits for Apple Users

This is a revolutionary device, which offers several key benefits to your health. The Device offers blood circulation benefits, which is great, since Heart Disease is the number one decease nowadays today. Besides that, it promotes mental stimulation through unconscious movements. There is even a little bit of technology involved. You can track your activity through the iOS/Android application for mobile devices and smartwatches.

Amazing Desk Accessories

Remember the calorie burning treadmill desk? How about the inflatable sit-up ball chair for abs? These at work health accessories seem to hit the market running, but seeing them in use at the office remains rare. The mass cubical or open office atmosphere simply may not be ready for such healthy change. The HOVR may be a great solution, since it is not a bulky fitness ploy that takes space. Could this be the next health inspired device under your desk at home, or the office?