Liver is important. You need it and it works better when it’s healthy. So how does one get a healthy liver? That’s a complicated question. Certainly, ten shots of vodka every night won’t help. To help get your liver on the fast track we’ve made a list of 10 healthy foods you should eat.

Healthy Foods

Number One: WALNUTS

Walnuts are one of the best healthy foods but they’re especially¬†good when it comes to cleaning the liver. The nuts have high amounts of amino acid arginine that helps your liver in detoxifying ammonia.

Number Two: CABBAGE

Like other healthy foods, cabbage is not the most delicious vegetable. However, if you want its healthy liver cleansing abilities, don’t miss out on this treat. Cabbage helps stimulate the activation of two crucial liver detoxifying enzymes that flush out toxins.

Number Three: TERMIRIC

Technically, spices are not food but they make this list anyway. Turmeric is the liver’s favorite spice. Add it to any stew or veggie dish for some supreme liver healing powers.

Number Four: GARLIC

Some healthy foods might make your breath stick. Garlic is one of them but it’s totally worth it. Just a tiny amount of garlic helps activate liver enzymes to flush out toxins.


Grapefruit always makes the list of healthy foods but did you know¬†all that vitamin C and antioxidants are good for your liver too? Well, it’s true so stock up!


Beets and carrots are so healthy, that they get to share number six. Both vegetables are extremely high in antioxidants and beta-carotene. Hence, the liver loves them.

Number Seven: GREEN TEA

If you’re looking for a healthy drink to cleanse the liver, look no further than green tea. Green tea is full of plant antioxidants called “catechins”. This compound is known to assist liver function. It’s also a great drink for your overall health.


You know the types. Spinach, romaine lettuce, asparagus broccoli and more. They taste weird raw but just a little kitchen knowledge turns these liver helpers into a tasty treat.

Number Nine: AVOCADO

They don’t call avocados a “super-food” for nothing. This nutrient dense food helps the body create glutathione. In addition to helping the liver clear harmful toxins, it’s great for your skin.

Number Ten: APPLES

They say that eating apples every day will help you live forever. Actually, that’s not true at all but it will help out your liver thanks to the fruit’s high amount of pectin.