An average business person has up to 100 projects on their plate. People get interrupted at work several times an hour. Four out of ten folks working at big firms undergo major corporate changes and thus getting frustrated about their future in the organization. This is also the reason why over forty percent of adult men and women state they stay awake at night. For those of you who experience stress at work, we’ve compiled a list of strategies that will help you bring your stress down before it takes your life away from you.

Number 1: Act But Not React

Stress hormone decreases confidence as well as concentration and well-being. Identify the aspects you can control and the ones you can’t. Stay in control of your actions and responses. And let it go.

Number 2: Take A Deep Breath

A few minutes of deep breathing will help you recuperate. Just inhale for five seconds, hold your breath and exhale in equal counts through the nose.

Number 3: Eliminate Interruptions

You face it every day: emails, phone calls, messages, and never-ending deadlines. Control your response to the interruption: accept it, cut it off, or diagnose its importance; then make a plan… Learn how to train your colleagues by answering emails during certain hours, set up specific hours for meetings in person.

Number 4: Schedule, Energy, And Focus

Productivity goes down with “push, push, push” method. Stress levels go up! Schedule breaks throughout the day to walk, or just do your breathing exercise.

Number 5: Eat Good Food And Sleep Well

Over 60 million Americans do not get enough sleep. If thoughts keep you from falling asleep, do the following breathing exercise (it will knock you out quickly): Cover your right nostril and breathe through the left one for three minutes.

Number 6: Change Your Story

The negative side of things is often seen through the filter of your own self-doubt. Step back and take a second, more objective look at the situation. In such a case you’ll less likely take things personally.

Number 7: Cool Down

It’s hard to calm down when you feel frustrated. But give it a try, and instead of quickly responding try the following breathing technique: Breathe through your mouth as if you are drinking through a straw. After that breathe out normally through your nose.

Number 8: Identify Self-Made Stress

You can avoid stress by building your self-confidence. Just be confident and stop looking for other’s approval.

Number 9: Prioritize Things

Define what’s really important at work and why. It’s important that you recognize your priorities in the company; be aware of your personal goals and strengths. Focus on the most important projects first, those that will have the most impact…

Number 10: “No Panic” Button

Perform the following exercise every time you are about to panic: Position your thumb on the side of your middle finger and apply some pressure. Doing it instantly will help you regulate your blood pressure.