What does every lady have in common? The answer is Makeup. Isn’t it? What else do most ladies have in common? Skin problems.

While makeup is undoubtedly a lady’s prerogative, having excellent skin is something we all aim for. The good news is you don’t necessarily need makeup to look gorgeous. Don’t you believe me? Well, here are 10 tips to look beautiful with no makeup.

Tip One: Water Consumption

The first most important tip is water consumption. Drink water every day regardless the season. One glass of water can be much more beneficial to you than any makeup product. It’s also free.

Tip Two: Moisture

Do you have a moisturizer? Make sure you do because the more your skin moisturized the less likely you will have wrinkles on your beautiful skin. Moisturize not only your face but also the neck, hands, and feet. These areas show the first signs of aging.

Tip Three: Face Wash

Face wash helps to remove all types of dirt and pollution from your skin. Using it on a daily basis will help you get rid of any trace of dirt and leftover makeup product. Use a face wash every morning and evening (right before you go to bed). The fresh feeling is guaranteed.

Tip Four: Toner

Use a toner. It is essential and should be an everyday part of your life. A toner is important as it helps tighten your skin and pores. It also removes oil and grease from your skin.

Tip Five: Shampoo Your Hair

We recommend that you use shampoo every alternate day. It will keep your hair fresh and shiny. Oily hair automatically gives women an overall messy look; while freshly washed hair makes a significant difference.

Did you like our tips? What is your favorite Tip to Look Beautiful Without Makeup? Leave your comment in the comment section below.