What does every lady have in common? The answer is Makeup. Isn’t it? What else do most ladies have in common? Skin problems. Excellent skin is something we all aim for, but we don’t necessarily need makeup to look great. Here is the second part of “Ten Tips To Look Beautiful Without Makeup.”

Tip Six: Applying Sunscreen

We often forget to put our daily portion of sunscreen on. Especially when we are in rush or when there’s not too much sun outside… The sun is definitely one of the major disasters (for our skin) that puts us under the harm of the rays. The Sun causes damage to your skin, and if you want to look naturally beautiful and healthy, use sunscreen every day.

Tip Seven: Hot Lemon Water

I know how much you love your morning coffee (or tea). Guess what? Switching your favorite drink with a hot cup of water with lemon will certainly be beneficial for your skin. The mix of water and lemon will flush out toxins from your body, which in turn will decrease chances of any skin sensitivities. It will also keep you hydrated throughout the day and will make your skin glow.

Tip Eight: Exfoliate

Exfoliate your skin. It will ensure removal of dead skin cells. It will also make your skin glowing.

Tip Nine: Exercise Every Morning

You need to pump blood to your skin. To do so, you will have to exercise. Raise your heartbeat every morning; it will drive blood to your skin which in turn will enhance skin cells.

Tip Ten: You Are Beautiful, It’s True

Have the right mindset. It all starts there. You are beautiful no matter what they say. Believing is necessary as it boosts your health and, as a result, your beauty.

I hope you liked both parts of “Ten Tips To Look Beautiful Without Makeup.” Let us know what your favorite tip is. Leave your comment in the comment section.