Health is all about greens when it comes to food. It’s because they are nutrient-dense and calorie-light. Even though Kale is considered a part of the afternoon meal, here are 3-morning dishes that will be perfect for your healthy breakfast.

Number One: Smoothie

A smoothie is beneficial for you in terms of nutrition value. If you are new to the blending stuff, fear not. It’s easy. Just follow this guide to learn more about blending green smoothies.

Number Two: Green Eggs

Serve your morning eggs with a leaf or two of Kale. It’s not only delicious but also refreshing. 

Number Two: Green Eggs Kale

Number Three: Green Oatmeal

Many of you enjoy eating oatmeal with berries, apple syrup or brown sugar. Well, try your favorite dish with Kale. In many Asian countries, oatmeal is a base of a savory dish. People serve it with greens and other vegetables.

Number Three: Green Oatmeal Kale