While many think that White Potatoes make you fat, the vegetable, in fact, is super healthy. One medium size potato contains less than 160 calories and 4 g of filling fiber. Below are the reasons why the starchy crop is good for your metabolism.

Nutrition Value of Potato

Potato is perfect when it comes to nutrition value. The vegetable is full of potassium and fiber. It will help you prevent Arthritis attacks and will lower your cholesterol levels. People who eat the starchy crop lower risks of having heart attacks or strokes.

When Can Potatoes Be Bad for Your Metabolism?

In most cases, the toppings are full of fat (not the vegetable). By selecting low-fat yogurt instead of sour cream or cheese, you will avoid having problems in the future.

Fry No More

While fried foods certainly taste good, they are nutrients destroyer. Your body receives no nutrition value to enhance its functions. Bake your potatoes instead of trying them. Follow this guide to learn how to bake potatoes with no oil.

Potato pancakes are also a great option. With a little bit of olive oil (which is beneficial for you) you will end up chewing something yummy and healthy.