The word Foam Roller is quite trendy these days. A lot of people buy this exercise device for massage and fitness. But did you know that the process of rolling (if done incorrectly) can be costly? To avoid making mistakes, you have to learn how to foam roll properly.

The IT Band Foam Roller

The IT Band

Take a look at the picture above. Here we have the IT band. It’s that big stretch of tedious structure that goes down the outside of your leg. A lot of people just roll away without realizing that IT band gets flared up because of the imbalance between all muscles feeding into it. By rolling too hard, you are making your week Glute Max muscles longer. If you, however, took a short tensor fascia and you rolled in the direction of the fibers, you wold be taking a shorter tight muscle and increasing its length. 

So, think before choosing the direction of you foam roller. Don’t just chaotically roll the tool up and down your leg. Have a specific approach of what you are doing. 

Watch this video to learn How to Foam Roll the Correct Way

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