Most of us want to look good and be in shape. And some of us expect to lose weight quickly. We want to change our lives drastically in a blink of an eye. As a result, some individuals take risks and sign up for dubious solutions that can sooner or later cost you your health or even life. For informational purposes only, we’ve compiled a list of Top 3 Most Unorthodox and Weird Diets Featured on Youtube.

1. Belly Wrap Diet

This one is the most innocent (out of 3) type of diet. Although, we still don’t recommend that you try it. The diet has such side effects as bloating and dehydration.

2. Diet Pills

We don’t recommend that you try this method. It’s dangerous and can cost you your life. Watch this Youtube video to learn more about the dangers of diet pills.

3. Tapeworms Diet

Doesn’t the title explain it all? If you consider yourself a normal person, you wouldn’t even think of trying this diet. However, just in case you couldn’t make your mind yet (and still thinking about swallowing something weird), below is the video for you to watch.

The point of this post was to show you how “creative” humans can be when it comes to loosing weight. These Youtube Videos prove once again how insane and desperate people can be. Think twice before you become a “Walking Dead.”