While thinking of losing weight, fast solutions are not always the best. The following Youtube videos prove once again that there is nothing better than hard work and dedication. You are in charge of your life. And no matter what they say, you can always be a happy and, as a result, healthy individual. Below is the list of top 3 Inspirational Transformations Featured on Youtube.

Shrinking Man Story

After learning how terrible his health became, Jesse Shand decided to change his life. Sometimes you need this slight kick to begin changing your life. Luckily for this man, it worked. The bad news made him realize the importance of his life.

Everything is Possible

This story features a man who, after reaching the breaking point in his life, decided to be healthy. At the age of 40, he reached the major accomplishment in his life… It’s very much possible that this story will make you cry.

Yoga Diet Transformation

You don’t have to go to India to start doing Yoga. This story proves just that.

This is perhaps the most inspirational transformation I have ever witnessed in my life. It’s hardly possible to imagine someone to not only lose weight but fully recover after being severely injured at war. If you feel down and need motivation in your life, please watch this video. It will fill your heart with light and power.