Girls love selfies. Especially when photos come out well. But How do I take the Perfect Selfie?

A lot of publications listed their tips and lists on how to take the best selfie but, unfortunately, none of them mention anything new. In this post, I have compiled my 6 secrets on how to take the perfect selfie.

1. Perfect Selfie Tips: Use Sunglasses as a Mini Tripod

You’d be surprised how functional sunglasses can be. Besides protecting you from the sun’s rays, sunglasses can be a perfect stand for your phone. Put your sunglasses on a table in a folded position and place your electronic device on the temples of the glasses. If you need to adjust the height of your “stand,” use books or any other flat objects, and you can put them underneath of the sunglasses.

2. How to Take the Perfect Selfie: Use your headset as a Remote Control

Plug in a headset to your electronic device and use it as a remote control for taking photographs. This will give you a lot of flexibility as you won’t have to touch your phone for taking snapshots.

3. Perfect Selfie Tips: Use Pretty Wrapping Paper 

Put a string or a piece of yarn through a pretty wrapping paper of your choice. Hang the paper on a wall and use it as a background for your next selfie.

4. Perfect Selfie Tips: Use Blankets and Curtains 

White blankets and curtains work perfectly for selfies. Clear backgrounds will make your photos look professional.

5. Perfect Selfie Tips: Find the Right Angle

Experiment with every single angle to find the right position. Whether you want to enlarge your eyes or decrease the size of your forehead or chin, the right angle is important.

6. How to Take the Perfect Selfie: Get a Second Opinion

If you are stuck and can’t decide which photograph you’d like to post on Instagram, ask your friend/boyfriend.

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