In the modern era of technological advancement, iPhone can help you do almost anything. From finding restaurants to checking your heart rate to taking videos.

Your smartphone can tell you who you are. All it takes is checking your music list and places you visited in the past. Also, your browsing history and the apps you use can offer more insights into your personal life.

According to Journal of Medical Internet Research, not only your interests but your level of depression can be measured by iPhone or any other smartphone device. The smartphone sensor data can track the amount of time you spend using your electronic device. And that’s enough…

Can iPhone Detect Depression?

iPhone and Depression: No Energy to Be Active

When one suffers from depression, he or she tends to spend more time indoors. There is no motivation to go out. According to Journal of Medical Internet Research, depressed people use their smartphone devices more often when they are trying to avoid thinking of something that disturbs them. In simple words, the more time one spends on his/her smartphone the more depressed he/she is.

iPhone and Depression: 68+ Minutes/day = Depression

Northwestern University made a conclusion that people who spend over 68 minutes a day on their smartphones most likely suffer from depression. The researchers analyzed the GPS locations and smartphone usage of twenty-eight participants over two weeks. The researchers tracked GPS locations every five minutes.

According to the results, all volunteers showed signs of depression strongly connected to the time spent on their smartphones. The study showed that depressed individuals spent an average of 68 minutes/day on their smartphones while non-depressed folks used their mobile devices for about 17 minutes/day.

iPhone and Depression: How to Detect Depressed Individuals

In the future, your smartphone will be able to help you detect the level of your depression and its severity. Your iPhone will be able to detect early depression without asking you any question.

Does it mean that psychologists will be replaced with new tech? Perhaps not yet. However, the future of iPhone and smartphones, in general, is promising.

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