Researchers finally found the answer to the subject, How the psychology of attraction between men and women really works. How does someone find another person attractive? What are some of the mysteries of the dating world?

The Study

Researchers analyzed 167 different couples. The study revealed stronger evidence of “assortative mating,” which can explain why charm often wins over beauty.

What affects the psychology of attraction?

Basically, men and women are more prone to engage in a romantic relationship with a partner who is at their same level of hotness, if they start dating soon after meeting. However, if couples are friends first, they are more likely to be “mismatched” in terms of their physical attractiveness. In other words, the “mating market” is leveled by the time spent between potential partners.

The psychology of attraction and how ‘magnetism’ grows over time

The study, Levelling the Playing Field, measured attractiveness and looked at how long partners had known each other before dating and whether they were friends before engaging in a romantic relationship.

For scientific purposes, researchers took videos to “code” physical attractiveness in order to assign a grade to their subjects’ looks.

Beauty and the Beast Scenario in the Psychology of Attraction

Most people assume that being physically attractive is what really matters. Yet, science will prove you wrong. The idea that attraction takes time is supported by many other studies which argue that looks aren’t everything. Other factors such as proximity, confidence, personality, and a certain “primal magnetism” mean that the question of attractiveness is a lot more complex.

So, if you would like to win the heart of someone who appears to be out of your league in the looks department, take a bit of time to get to know them first. According to the psychology of attraction, it’s definitely worth persisting.