What is the Difference Between Muscular Size and Muscular Strength? Conceptually, weight training is simple; lift, wait, and repeat. You improve with time and you become bigger and stronger in the end. The real issue is that many of us are not patient enough for this process.

The Difference Between Muscular Size and Muscular Strength

Relationship between Muscular Strength and Muscular Size

The common myth in the bodybuilding world is that muscle can be increased in size, without getting it stronger. This implication can be proved by comparing bodybuilders with power lifters.

What Happens with Your Muscles When You Train

If the muscle gets bigger, it must also become stronger in rep range while training. Similarly, if a muscle becomes stronger in rep ranges that are conducive to producing growth, that muscle must also get larger. This is a verified physiological truth that strength and size of muscles are directly related. This could be easily understood by looking into what happens inside the muscle when we train it.

What Does Cause The Muscle to Look Abnormal?

While some may think that it is the number of fibers inside that is responsible for the abnormal size of the muscle, that is not the case. It is actually the size of fibers in the muscle that are responsible for the muscle size. There is some proof that extreme conditions can cause one to end up with a modest increase in muscle fiber.