People had invented millions of different diets in the United States. However, the rate of obesity was going up and the number of fat people was shocking up to this moment. The good news is that, eventually, things begin to change in America.

According to the latest reports, Americans are now trying to eat healthier foods and consume drinks with less sugar. This is extremely promising. And, hopefully, the calorie consumption by American people will significantly decline for the first time in 40 years.

Americans Are Eating Healthier

Obesity Rates have Stopped Rising with Healthier Eating

As stated above, obesity is still an enormous problem in the US since over a third of America’s population is obese. However, the proportion has stabilized. It seems that when it comes to adults and children who are already going to school, the rates of obesity are not rising anymore. Furthermore, when talking about younger children the rates have also dropped. Both African Americans and European Americans stopped eating as many calories as they used to. But the change varies from one group to another.

Significant Fall in the Level of Sugary Sodas

The impact sugary sodas have on our bodies is known by everybody. But this didn’t stop people from consuming large quantities of sugary beverages. In accordance with the report, the average American has cut down on soda consumption by 25 percent in the last 25 years.

Americans Still Don’t Eat Healthy Enough

According to the study, it seems that both lower income families, as well as families with high income, have been cutting down on calories lately. While this is fantastic news, doctors say that there is still a lot more to carry out.

The fact that Americans don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables, and still eat junk food instead, remains a problem since unhealthy eating and manner of living can actually be the cause an impressive number of diseases, like diabetes or cancer. However, the fact that the consumption of calories has a much lower rate shows that healthier eating and lifestyle in the US will be improved over the next years.

Americans Are Eating Healthier