When you go out to a bar, especially if you are limited on cash, the first drink you normally choose is beer. Well, I certainly do anyway. Normally you are able to muster up the change in your coin purse and grab yourself a nice cold pint after work. The only downside? Beer is unhealthy, right?

Full of empty calories and carbohydrates, the beer belly that runs in your family is always at the back of your mind after your second or third round. Luckily for us, this guilt needn’t be. Studies have shown that there are many reasons why we actually SHOULD keep buying pints. Below is the list of the benefits of drinking beer. Here is why Beer is good for you.

Is Beer Good for You?

Beer is Good Because It Keeps Your Kidneys Healthy

A Finnish study has shown that one of the benefits of drinking beer is that it helps reduce the risk of kidney stones by 40%.

It Combats Stress

Maybe a slightly obvious answer for many alcoholic substances, but researchers at the University of Montreal found that two glasses of beer a day can relieve work-related stress and anxiety. Who’s joining me at the pub later?

Beer Can Smooth Your Skin

Beer contains vitamins that have a positive impact on women’s skin pigmentation, leaving them with smoother complexions.

It Contains Vital Vitamins

A Dutch study found that those who drink beer regularly had a higher percent of vitamin B6. B6 is vital for giving you energy and maintaining healthy skin, hair, and eyes.

Beer Can Improve Your Memory

As we get older, our memories deceive us. However, one of the benefits of drinking beer is that you are far less likely to suffer from memory loss, such as Dementia in later years.

While drinking beer is obviously great in moderation, these benefits will not occur if you drink five pints every night. In fact, it will be likely to cause far more damage than good. Happy, responsible, healthy drinking, y’all.

Is Beer HEALTHY For You? Is Beer Good For You?