Do you have growing suspicions regarding your partner’s faithfulness? You could simply be a jealous overthinking relationship killer. Or your gut could be spot on when it comes to your partner’s extra sexual activities. Either way, it never hurts to hire a private investigator, hope for the TV show Cheaters to make a comeback. Or you can get a mattress that detects sex via tech-savvy innovation. This could be especially important if you think that wild sex acts are going down in your very own bed.

Sex Tech With The Smarttress

The Smarttress is a $1,700 dirty little secret detector. This little snitch keeps one informed 24/7 via the Lover Detection System. The mattress is made up of 24 spring sensors, which can gather pressure areas and develop a 3D map. Once the mapping is complete, the user can find the data via the app.

The “cheating data” one receives is quite precise. The Smarttress analyzes duration, speed, performance length, frequency, and even impacts per minute. I can only imagine what the offices of this company look like…

Sex Tech Inspired by Europe’s #1 City for Cheaters

Neither Paris nor Milan is number one city for cheaters, but Madrid. And this is where the company is located. The Smarttress is produced by Durmet, a Spanish mattress company. Thus, if you are looking to run a few test trials on a mattress that detects cheaters, go to Spain.