Most people consider eating out the perfect way to spend time with their friends and relax from the everyday stress. However, we pay little attention to the food we order although we are trying to eat healthier. No matter where you go, you can always find some healthier choices of meals. Follow simple guidelines and you will be good to go whichever restaurant you decide to visit.

Think ahead

Instead of going to a restaurant and deciding what to eat, think beforehand. It will be a lot easier to select some healthier options which will help you keep a balanced diet. Go for low-fat options and try to ditch sugary snacks.

Do not go to restaurants too hungry

Eating out while you are starving will only help you eat unhealthy, and gain some unwanted pounds. If you reach a restaurant hungry, it will be harder to make some healthy choices. Be sure to have at least two meals before going to your favorite place to dine out. Grab some healthy drinks such as the nutritive Japanese beer.

Avoid fattening food

There are a lot of delicious meals you cannot resist, but they will do no good to your figure. Yes, ice-cream definitely is wonderful but if you only consider the amount of fat in it, you’d better think twice. Try to choose desserts which are low in fat, or go for healthier snacks such as nuts. Pork products are no good either. Sausages and bacon contain a lot of fat you will have to fight for weeks to shed. Order fish instead, and enjoy your healthy decision. Fried chicken is tasty but it is one of the unhealthiest choices. Ditch KFC for some sushi. Sodas are refreshing but the amount of sugar they contain is obnoxious. Try to drink water to keep your body hydrated and free of the unwanted sugar. Water will help you slow down and you will enjoy the food more.

Have your say

You can always ask the waiter to have the food served the way you want. Be assertive and ask for the menu changes. If the food you want to eat is fried, ask them to grill it. Try to get a smaller portion of meat, but more vegetables. Offer to pay extra for doubling or tripling the vegetable portion.

Skip the bread

If you want to eat healthy cut down on bread intake. Be kind to the waiter and ask him not to bring you the bread basket. You should always opt for a larger portion of vegetables instead of stuffing yourself with a lot of bread.

You can still eat healthy when going out if you pre-think your choice of food, avoid dishes brimming with fat and avoid bread. If you are not satisfied with the portions or the way the food is prepared do not remain silent. Waiters are there to listen to your needs and they will be willing to rearrange the choice to help you keep up with your healthy eating routine.