Ilya Volkov is a successful entrepreneur with an International background. He is currently the CEO of YouHodler, a crypto-backed fiat loan company. Mr. Volkov has accumulated many corporate and entrepreneurial experiences, which he retains to this day.

Corporate Experience

Starting from 2010, Ilya Volkov was in various top manager positions in Forex Club/Libertex, which has a presence in 45 countries and customers from 120 countries. He worked for Forex Club for close to 9 years. He was also a managing director for a Commercial Factoring Company (no name is specified). During the first half of 2008, the company had total assets of $1.96 billion. These positions offered him global international experience, currency risk expertise, and experience in international payments.

Prior to his work at Forex Club and the Commercial Factoring company, Ilya worked at a marketing research agency that has been sold and which still works today. This role has offered him sufficient experience in market research.

Volkov currently applies his expertise on risk management models for the crypto industry. According to Ilya, crypto loans have a very similar risk management model to those of traditional finance.

Entrepreneurial Experience
Ilya Volkov

Entrepreneurial Experience

Ilya has accumulated various experiences working as an entrepreneur. He experienced working at a clearing barter platform during the background of the 2008 liquidity crisis. In addition, Ilya contributed to the economics model of the LibertEx board game, which is now on par with Monopoly in Russia and the CIS.

Ilya was also involved in building the Museum of Private Investment, a museum that offers stories of financial successes and failures. Museum attendees can gain perspective on a wide range of financial instruments.

Ilya has even co-founded a project jointly with his brother, an extremely talented engineer. This project was a compact trailer for the transportation of motorcycles, which was done in partnership with one of the world’s leading teams in the Superbike class.

Mr. Volkov’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to have a firm grasp of finance and economics.


Ilya Volkov currently is involved with blockchain and crypto project YouHodler, which will help crypto investors acquire fiat for a short period of time, to pursue their interests.

One of Ilya Volkov’s hobbies is sailing

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