Elon Musk is a modern-world genius who invented rechargeable self-driving cars and ways to travel in outer space. In this article, I have summarized some of the key thoughts that I have gathered from Musk. Below are the top 5 tips that I learned from the genius of the 21st century.

Think Like Elon Musk: Don’t Follow Trends

The key to success lies in the fundamental laws of physics. Follow the First Principles method of thinking, and you will find the answers to many of your questions. What is the most fundamental truth that you can imagine? Think logically, and you will find the answers in your scope of expertise.

It is hard to be logical in this world, as it is full of chaos and conflicting opinions. However, you can try to run an analogy in your head. The answer will come to you counter-intuitively.

Think Like Elon Musk: Override the Fear

Humans are interesting creatures. It is a knee-jerk reaction for us to fear certain things, as this primal response protects us in dangerous situations.

Try to control your fear in uncertain situations, even if you find it difficult. It is true that there are some situations in which it’s impossible to stay fearless. For instance, it is understandable that someone might fear not being able to feed his or her family.

However, in situations like finding a job or trying something new, what are you afraid of? Just give it a shot. Try your absolute best and do not be afraid to fail. Pressure is what turns coal into diamonds.

Think Like Elon Musk: Gamify the Process of Learning

Help yourself systematically enjoy the process of learning. By simplifying things, we can scope and scale our state of consciousness, which enlightens us and allows us to approach situations from another perspective. This will help us create something extraordinary.

Think Like Elon Musk: Feel Good About the Future

No matter which large issue you try to solve, think of it as something that might exist past your lifetime period. Can you imagine what will happen to planet Earth in the future? Will people manage to survive? Will human beings have the capability to continue developing new technologies?

When imagining, do not limit your mind to a short period of 100 years. Think of your descendants and whether they are going to enjoy the Universe.

Think Like Elon Musk: Diligence Matters More Than Smart Brains

The world is full of smart people, and every single one of the most talented individuals tries to achieve success. Because there will always be a competitive edge to any activity, what keeps one afloat in the long term is diligence.

It is great if you can spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week on your startup. However, to become someone memorable, the time that you dedicate to activities of interest needs to be at least 12-14 hours a day, 7 days a week (for a period of time). If you manage to be able to enjoy working on your startup during your weekends, you might be planning to become another Elon Musk.