What Inspired You to Create “FreaKing World”?

I believe in the power of YouTube as people can freely express their thoughts and beliefs on that platform. Because I believe in freedom of speech, I became an avid YouTube creator.

What is FreaKing World About? How is it Different From Other Media Outlets?

I have been fortunate enough to live in 3 different countries: Belarus, Russia, and the United States. Because of my multi-cultural background, I can offer my unique perspective on day-to-day living. I can appreciate aspects that other people might have skipped. And that’s what differentiates me from my pals on YouTube.

Tell Us a Little Bit About Your Upcoming Documentary, “Silicon Valley Startups.” What Is It Going to Be About?

Before I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area from New York City, Silicon Valley seemed like a secretive world to me. I did not know much about the local startup culture in the Bay Area, but now I do.

Also, publications outline many business aspects like revenue streams and rounds of investments associated with companies – a lot of numbers. In my documentary, I am planning on personal touches. There are the stories of so many geniuses out there, and I am going to allow the viewers a taste of what it is like to be living the Silicon Valley startup lifestyle.

It Seems to Me That You Will Be Interviewing a Lot of People. Who Are You Going to Speak With? What Questions Are You Going to Ask These People?

I am going to interview founders and CEOs of amazing startups of Silicon Valley. I don’t want to reveal any spoilers… All I can say is that there will be very few limitations on my interviews.

We Know That You Are an Entrepreneur Yourself. What Excites You Most About the Startup Culture?

The feeling of creation excites me the most. One has to be absolutely dedicated to his/her product 24/7, 7 days a week.

Being a startup owner is hard, and it requires resourcefulness. You will need to take an idea and shape it. That’s what my documentary, “Silicon Valley Startups,” will be about.

Frea King on His Upcoming Documentary, “Silicon Valley Startups”