Bill Gates managed to make himself a household name. How did he do it? Well, it requires a certain mindset and a specific way of thinking…

Think Like Bill Gates

Do Well in Math Exams

Bill Gates describes how he did well in a math exam when he was younger. In fact, he scored best in the state. His partner, Paul Allen, was 2 years older than Bill and challenged Gates on a project. This was how Bill Gates’ opportunity came to him.

Know Your Subject Inside and Out

Bill Gates wrote all of his own code and engineered his own projects, before he moved on to managing others. It is true that to succeed, managers need to know the subject of what they are delegating, and know the basics of how to accomplish the task. Creators need to know the subject before they can realistically demand that others complete it within a project timeframe.

Do Not Be Sloppy with Your Work

Bill Gates recalls himself as missing the elegance of writing super-tight code back then, as almost nobody does it now. Gates states that memory is currently so big that people can be sloppier than they were back then. To be like Bill Gates, one must work in a very efficient and neat manner.

Work Day and Night on Your Product

To get a good product released, one must be fanatical enough about his/her work to work day and night on it. Bill recalls that when Windows 95 was released, those were “pretty maniacal days, in terms of work.” He did not believe in weekends or vacations.

Be Philanthropic

During his first trip to Africa with Melinda, who he later married, Bill and Melinda’s eyes were opened to the living conditions of people in Africa. Following the trip, the Gates’ started to do a lot of thinking on how to give the Microsoft wealth back to the public someday. Bill and Melinda then started their own Foundation.

Even with all of these tips, we are sure that Bill has even more stories and lessons under his sleeve. However, we will leave you with the above 5 tips to chew on, for now. To read other stories, please click here.