Jeff Bezos is a famous businessperson who is admired for managing to build a big business. However, to do so, one must have the mindset, the appetite, and the character. Here are five things that can help you think like Jeff Bezos.

Think Like Jeff Bezos

Always Look for Improvements

Since he was young, Jeff Bezos always thinks that something can be improved. He did not assume that something was perfect. For example, when Jeff went to restaurants, he thought, “How can this be better?”

Focus on Your Customers, Not Competitors

Take your energy and harness it on your customers instead of on your competitors. According to the famous founder, startups go awry when they focus on their competitors instead of on their customers. Bezos advises to focus more on delivering your absolute best when it comes to service.

Pick out an Early Role Model with Good Values

Jeff Bezos believes that we all get gifts during our childhood, and one of the biggest gifts has to do with who we pick as our early role model. For Jeff, it was his grandfather. Little Bezos spent his summers on his grandfather’s ranch.

Jeff Bezos has a story of when he was younger and he was sitting in a car with his grandmother, who regularly smoked. When 10-year-old Jeff calculated how much time his grandmother took off of her life with each puff of smoke, his grandmother began crying. Jeff’s grandfather then stopped the car, took the little Bezos out, and told him, “You’re going to figure out one day that it’s harder to be kind than clever.” Jeff’s grandfather taught Jeff values at a young age.

Values instilled in Jeff from his early role model stayed with him. They crafted a large part of Bezos’ character and made him into who he is today.

Be Resourceful

After spending time on his grandfather’s ranch as a child, Jeff Bezos learned to help his grandfather to build necessary items around the ranch. Jeff recalls that one of the most striking things was that his grandfather built everything himself. If his grandfather did not know how to do something, he figured out how to do it.

Surround Yourself with Supporters

Jeff Bezos’ wife, MacKenzie, supported his idea from the get-go. When he said that he wanted to quit his job and start a bookstore on the Internet, MacKenzie told him, “Great. Let’s go.” This was back then, when most people did not understand the Internet. Jeff emphasizes how supportive MacKenzie was of the idea, and how it really helped him launch his business.

To be like Jeff Bezos, one has to come from a place of improvement-thinking, customer focus, strong values, resourcefulness, and strong supporters. It is not easy, and that is why there is only one Jeff Bezos.