Early 2019 has seen a lot of positive moment for the cryptocurrency industry with the majority of them seeing a major gain followed by a mild drop. But during the past 24 hours, we are seeing gains once again with TRON (TRX) making significant surges. Once considered a lost cause, TRON and creator Justin Sun made a lot of progress over the past year and many analysts claim now is the time for TRX to shine.


After launching its MainNet in 2018, overall interest in TRON began to rise but TRX did not exactly blast off as many thought it would. Still, their price seemed to benefit from the creation of popular new dApps on the platform and Mr. Sun announcing new, exciting projects like Project Atlas. In the meantime, TRX saw themselves entering more partnerships that one could keep up with. Even now, the new listings keep on coming.

Furthermore, TRON’s market cap continues to grow. At the time of writing this, TRON sits as the number nine most valuable coin by market cap and is close behind Litecoin (LTC) for the number eight spot. With Mr. Sun releasing new dApps on the platform every day, the excitement surrounding TRX continues to rise. But when will it stop?


Tron has never been a typical cryptocurrency that plays by the rules of the market. Even when the market was in the red, TRX continued to grow. At the time of writing this, TRX sits at $0.025547. We can trace this growth back to December 17th. That day, TRX started to rise and never really slowed since then. Even during the most recent bearish trend, TRON remained relatively strong.  


There is a reason for this TRX consistent rise. TRON has big plans for the future and most of them involve completing the projects that were starting last year. Justin Sun announced we will see an onslaught of new dApps as well as seeing the coin expand in regards to new exchange listings and even more partnerships. Loyal TRON followers know that this growth is well overdue, with many of them nearly giving up in 2018. However, the community seems overall optimistic regarding TRX’s future.

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