Justin Sun is one visionary who wants to use his crypto project, Tron, to lead the decentralization of digital content. The young entrepreneur has reportedly stated that he is Jack Ma’s “best disciple”. Hence, Jack Ma is his “father” in a sense, or “master teacher” in another. Could Justin Sun be an unofficial son of Alibaba founder Jack Ma?

Justin Sun’s Similarities with Jack Ma

Many have likened Justin Sun, founder of Tron, to J. Ma, founder of Alibaba. And, indeed, Sun was admitted to Hupan University, co-founded by Ma, where he took part as 30 students.

Justin Sun takes pride in the title, “the best disciple of Jack Ma”. While nobody knows when this title came up, it is memorable. And, an early record of an interview in Super Talk Show on May 12, 2015, shows that Sun called himself this. Sun also described how he knew nothing about the University until Alibaba invited him to study there. Outside of Justin Sun’s statement that he is “the best disciple of Jack Ma”, he also remarked that his educational philosophy is similar.

Is Justin Sun Telling the Truth?

While Justin Sun has talked up his relationship with Jack Ma, some are left wondering as to whether Justin is telling the truth. Crypto Daily Gazette reported that Alibaba will cooperate with Tron. But, an Alibaba executive denied this, and he denied that Justin Sun was Ma’s student.

Outside of his relationship with Jack Ma, Justin Sun also has a crypto project, Tron, that is also leaving some wondering. Some have accused Sun of plagiarizing, when it comes to Tron’s whitepaper. There are reports that the ex-COO of Tron, Liu Ming, has even accused Sun Yuchen (a.k.a. Justin Sun) of putting him at risk of violating the law.

With these numerous accusations circling about Justin, we wonder whether Justin Sun really has a relationship with Mr. Ma. It could be that Justin Sun is an unofficial “son” or “tutelage” of Jack Ma. However, it could also be that Justin is marketing his experiences really well.