Edward Snowden is a figure who has graced the covers of many magazines. So, you might think that he is old news. But, there are some things that you might not have known about Edward Snowden’s character.

Top 1 Thing You Did Not Know about Edward Snowden: IQ

Edward Snowden has a high IQ score of above 145, according to two separate IQ tests that he took. His father was not surprised when Edward scored above 145 on these tests. To put this into perspective, an IQ range of 140 and over typically means that you have “genius or near genius” intelligence.

Top 2 Thing You Did Not Know About Edward Snowden: High School Dropout with No Undergraduate College Degree

Snowden dropped out of high school in his sophomore year. To bypass this, he passed the GED test and took some classes at a community college. Even more, Snowden also had no undergraduate college degree. He later studied online for a master’s degree at the University of Liverpool; the course had to do with computer security. However, he did not complete the program.

Top 3 Thing You Did Not Know about Edward Snowden: Understands Mandarin

Snowden has a basic understanding of Mandarin Chinese. In fact, one of Snowden’s Ars Technica posts, which reporters believe he made as a young man, mentions that he has a basic understanding of Mandarin and the culture.

Top 4 Thing You Did Not Know about Edward Snowden: U.S. Army Participant

Snowden enlisted himself in the U.S. Army with hopes of fighting in the Iraq War; he said this was because he was passionate about freeing people from oppression. However, Snowden came to believe that most soldiers wanted to kill Arabs, rather than help anyone. Later, according to reports, the army discharged him due to a training accident.

Top 5 Thing You Did Not Know about Edward Snowden: Iceland

Snowden originally wanted to seek asylum in Iceland. However, Iceland’s parliament did not place his proposal on their voting agenda, so Snowden’s attempts failed. Additionally, Snowden’s passport was revoked, stranding Snowden in Moscow.