What if someone said, “Bitcoin hitting rock bottom is a good thing.” You would think they’re insane right? Well, now hold on a second. Perhaps there is a silver lining to this statement that we haven’t thought of yet. The Winklevoss twins certainly think so. So let’s find out why a bitcoin rally at this point in time is actually not a good thing.


Before we dig into the dirty details of this topic, let’s start off with an analogy. For drug addicts to seek rehab, they first must hit rock bottom. You could say the same about the crypto market. Many crypto enthusiasts want a bitcoin rally and they want it now. But that’s not necessarily a good thing. Why? The market can not rehabilitate without hitting rock bottom first. The only questions now are, when is rock bottom? Let’s see what the Winklevoss twins have to say on that.


The Bitcoin rally of 2017 was chaos. Pure chaos. People were throwing everything they had at this market just to cash in on some quick profits. Everyone knew this was not a healthy nor sustainable approach to crypto and as a result, the market collapsed. That’s why the Winklevoss Twins and their crypto exchange Gemini are taking a new approach to crypto. Regulation is the key term of 2019. Once thought as the enemy of crypto, regulation will bring forth transparency that will help nurture this young market. The next time a bitcoin rally comes, it will not be chaotic. Instead, it will be a slow, regulated and gradual climb.


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