In any competitive industry, you need to be at the top of your game twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This rule also applies to real estate, where time is of the essence. You need to be the first one to contact the prospective buyer or to submit an offer.

Luckily, today’s online tools can help you to get more work and improve your bottom line. However, you need to use the tools that are relevant to your industry. We have a list of online tools that can transform the way that you operate.

1.    Trello for Task Management

As a real estate agent, you need to network with multiple players daily. One mislaid document can, unfortunately, cost you a sale. On Trello, an innovative task list application that is based in the cloud, everything stays in order. You can:

  • Create boards for different clients, projects, or properties.
  • Allocate tasks to team members using the boards that you create.
  • Share documents and resources on the platform.

Because the application is cloud-based, the tasks can synchronize across devices. Even more, it is a free service.

2.    Google Suite—Your Office in the Cloud

Google Suite is a comprehensive service that covers everything that businesses, including real estate agencies, might need. Because real estate depends so much on documents, it makes sense to use a suite that makes them easy to share and to keep in a safe place. You even have the option of using DocuSign with G Suite to speed up the process of obtaining signatures. Everything happens online, which is more convenient than repetitively printing, signing, and scanning the papers. You can directly email the documents to each party. Other tools include:

  • Scheduling meetings via Calendar
  • Communicating via Google Hangouts
  • Saving files to Google Drive

Because the information is stored online, you and your team can access it anytime.

3.    Propy Blog as an SEO Marketing Tool

Another challenge for estate agents is to improve marketing. Luckily, the online platform Propy Blog makes the marketing process easy. Blogs are the ideal modern marketing tools, as consumers look online for valuable information to make important decisions. Propy Blog is open to real estate professionals who want to get more exposure. You can kickstart the process of joining Propy by emailing and reading the editorial guidelines for members.

You can easily reach your sales goals. Just use the right tools, and enjoy your results.