Right from the start, blockchain enthusiasts have always championed the idea of bringing power back to the people. In a world in which automation is reported to be threatening 25 percent of jobs in the United States, no other time is better suited for bringing back power to the people than now.

Ivan Kv to Begin the Movement in the Crypto Trading Space

Ivan Kv, a crypto influencer from Silicon Valley who is also known for his work at KV LLC (a marketing firm that has brought a lot of awareness to the crypto and blockchain space), is one of the individuals at the forefront of the move to find a balance between automation and the human touch.

Through 4Bulls, a company that Ivan founded, retail crypto traders can receive access to tools that allow them to compete with institutional banking systems on a more level playing field.

At its core, 4Bulls is an all-in-one trading platform that connects traders to external exchanges via API and allows users to maximize their profits with high-power trading and copy trading tools.

Look Into the Past

Kv quickly realized during his first year of trading that “even when using the trading bots and automation tools available in the market, trading effectively was a struggle.” Early solutions that were designed for algorithmic trading were imperfect and difficult to use.

On the 4Bulls platform, while experienced traders can get access to high-power trading tools to automate their trades and share their signals for a fee, beginners can benefit from the guidance and experience of expert traders in the community by copying the signals of selected copy trade leaders.

By bringing together crypto enthusiasts, innovators like Ivan Kv can create projects with automated systems and tools that allow people to benefit from the human touch.

The Launch of the Platform

As the 4Bulls team prepares to launch on May 1st of this year, early adopters of 4Bulls can sign up during the Pre-sale period. Any unsatisfied early adopters can receive a 100 percent refund within 30 calendar days after the launch of the project. Additionally, early adopters will get access to a community of like-minded individuals.

Beginners can jump-start their trading careers with ease, and experts can capitalize on their skills on a friendly platform.

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