A lot has happened in the crypto market this first half of the year amid all the recent global events. Following Bitcoin’s rough start for the year, the market crashed massively in May, dropping the crypto market cap by $1 trillion. Forget new crypto projects, even the great TerraUSD was not exempt from this malaise.

Nevertheless, it hasn’t been all bad news.

For one, at the DC blockchain summit in June, two US senators unveiled a new regulatory bill for crypto. If implemented, this bill could pave the way for the crypto market to grow at a tremendous rate. Overall, though, the market has been recovering from the crash, and now may be the best time to start investing again.

You may be considering investing now, but major assets like Bitcoin seem too far off for you. Or maybe you would like to add some new projects to your investment portfolio.

Either way, this post is exactly for you.

So, sit back and let me introduce you to the best new crypto projects you should consider for your investment this year.

DeFi Coin (DEFC) – The Future of Algorithmic Crypto Trading

  • Market Cap: $38 million
  • Current Market Value: $0.32

DeFi Coin is a new crypto token launched on the Binance Smart Chain by DeFi Swap. It is a community-driven project aiming to improve exchange between participants and the platform. It is currently the best new DeFi crypto, having increased in value by 462% in its first two weeks alone.

Most importantly, one of the mistakes many new crypto projects make is having too many tokens in circulation. DeFi Coin has a ready solution to this in its manual burn program. It serves as a mechanism to prevent the devaluation of the tokens.

What do you stand to profit from investing in DeFi Coin?

Top New Crypto Projects 1 is DEFC

Indeed, the project features an automatic liquidity pool (LP) and a great static reward system. Also, DEFC LP members and Coin holders get an even share of the 10% network tax that comes from every transaction.

In addition, you can also earn cool rewards by staking DeFi coins on the DeFi Swap. So, if you make a stake for a period of 1 year, you can earn up to 75% of your stakings.

In fact, the platform actively encourages this as a way to cut day trading and reduce volatility.

As it is a recent currency, the number of holders is still small. However, as the community grows, the project expects holders to increase by at least 10,000 by the third quarter of the year.

All in all, the DeFi coin is on the fast track to being a major asset in the market. If you wish to invest in it, then now, while it’s early, is the best time.

Lucky Block – Revolutionizing Play-to-Earn

  • Market Cap: $49.8 million
  • Current Market Price: $0.00135

Lucky Block is a BSC-based crypto lottery platform launched early this year. Its mission is to promote greater fairness and transparency in games. It aims to create a gaming world where each player has greater odds of winning.

With over 50,000 investors within its first 90 days, the Lucky Block token is the fastest-growing crypto in the market. It also holds the record as the fastest crypto project to reach a valuation of $1 billion.

As stated by its 2022 whitepaper, the project has finished all four phases of its roadmap and will be launching a web app soon.

How do you profit from this?

Top New Crypto Projects 2 is LBlock

The platform holds a daily lottery in which you can participate to win the jackpot. By owning an LBlock token, you’re automatically an owner of the lottery. You can then either hold or use some of your tokens to participate.

You will get 70% of the jackpot if you participate and win. Of the remainder, 10% goes to platform marketing, and 10% to charity.

However, you can still earn passive income if you choose to hold. LBlock token holders get a share of the remaining 10% in proportion to their individual investment volume. So, you see? Everyone’s a winner.

Furthermore, the DTL tech that is the platform’s basis allows for crazy fast payouts of prizes. This is another thing that sets Lucky Block apart from other notorious platforms for slow payouts. In addition, the reduced draw time affords you more chances to win daily, and costs are a lot lower.

Finally, if you are interested in NFTs, LBlock has an NFT collection for you (the Platinum Roller’s Club). So, if you want to invest in game-based crypto, LBlock is one you should consider.

ApeCoin – Redefining Art and Culture Through Crypto

  • Market cap: $1.68 billion
  • Current market value: $5.83

You may have heard of the Notorious Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), one of the biggest NFT projects. Well, ApeCoin is their brainchild. They created it to be the governance currency for the Ape DAO and ecosystem.

ApeCoin is one of the hottest meme coins right now. It’s an Ethereum-based token with a vision to support the expression of culture through gaming and art. When the project initially launched, owners of Bored Ape NFTs received just over 10,000 ApeCoins each.

This was a major financial boom for Ape NFT owners then. Nevertheless, there is still much investment opportunity you can cash in on now.

The BAYC announced prior that ApeCoin would become the primary currency of the planned BAYC metaverse. After the metaverse launch in April this year, ApeCoin has become the largest metaverse token in the market.

So, do you plan on getting a bite of the metaverse cake? You may want to invest in the BAYC metaverse project now. Alternatively, you can capitalize on the current rep of the ApeCoin token to make a profit by trading.

Shiba Inu – Exceptional Among New Crypto Projects

  • Market Cap: $5.83 billion
  • Current Market Price: $0.000011

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is a meme-coin based on the Ethereum Blockchain. After the fashion of Bitcoin, it comes from an anonymous Japanese person/group known only as “Ryoshi.” Shiba Inu launched in August 2020 and immediately grabbed mainstream attention.

By late 2021, Shiba Inu had joined the ranks of the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap.

Top New Crypto Projects 3 is Shiba Inu

Currently, Shiba is gaining more acceptance among corporate entities. Many major car companies like Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Rolls Royce accept Shiba Inu for car booking. In addition, users can now use it to book more than a million travel products on Travalia.

So, if you own Shiba Inu tokens, you can use them for these.

Sadly, the recent crash has affected Shiba as it has other coins. Nevertheless, many analysts are optimistic that it might emerge as the champion from the current bear market.

In addition, Shiba has also recently broken into the metaverse market. So, if you feel like taking advantage of the current market state, you should try Shiba Inu.

Chainlink – Powering the Future of Smart Contracts

  • Market Cap: $4.3 billion
  • Current Market Price: $9.21

This Ethereum-based oracle network is the 2017 creation of Sergey Nazarov and Steve Ellis. It has its native token, LINK. The most notable feature of this project is its seamless integration.

Indeed, Sergey and Steve built it to integrate easily with any current or future Blockchain network. It’s meant to broaden the scope and capacities of smart contracts through access to the real world, off-chain data computation.

Now, of course, you can buy LINK tokens and trade them for profit. However, Chainlink has recently added staking to their project. This means that any holders LINK token holders can now make passive income without trading.

Fortunately, with this new staking feature, participants have a greater incentive to produce reliable data. In addition, it also provides a mechanism for penalizing underperforming nodes.

The trends look favorable for Chainlink at the moment, especially with its 35% increase in value on June 7. So, will you be adding Chainlink to your investments? Some experts would recommend so.

Conclusion: The Top New Crypto Projects

The recent market crash has caused a lot of panic in the minds of many investors. Many now wonder about the future of crypto. However, market data shows that the crypto market is recovering as with any other market.

This bearish period for most top new crypto projects presents a ripe opportunity you can capitalize on. If you decide to do just that, hopefully, the information here will inform your choices.

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